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[quote:987b64636f="GONMNTL"]Looking to see what off set of wheels are being used along with the width of the wheel used. I am attempting to find out what will truly fit without excessive rubbing.


The problem is tire selection, Rim width and the cost at this point to make the E look right and not rub. Those 20's I tried on yesterday were not acceptable to me. I would have to make some mods to the wheel wells, and live with the tire sticking out to far in my book. I had on a set of 20x8.5 with a 255/45/20 tire...I would buy a 20x8 250/45/20 set up in a heart beat, but there is limted choices in wheels, and I cannot find a tire in that size.

The E needs a taller tire than what come stock if you ask me. Putting on a low profile 20 inch set up is not the look I want, but can be done. With 20's mostly being 8.5 wide, one would need a high offset, about the 43 to 45 range. That higher a offset will not give you a "dish" look as you see in so many 20's out there because those are RWD rims compared to the E which needs a FWD offset.

My guess one could go with a 38 to 40 range on a 8 inch rim, or 35 to 38 range on a 7.5 inch rim.

Good Luck in your search and "look"

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