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will try to make this short.
val and i took the new e to visit her parents today. her stepfather has ms and is in a wheelchair.
they currently have a dodge minivan and he has mastered transferring himself from his chair into the van. the e offers several advantages for them over their van (imagine that!) but has a couple of drawbacks in terms of his transfer into the e. getting back out was substantially easier for him than the van but getting in poses some challenges.
the deal is that when he transfers to the van, he is able to use the seat itself as well as the door for supporting his weight while he shifts his hips onto the seat. then he moves his feet into the van with his hands then uses an armrest on the passenger seat to comfortably position himself in the seat.
because of the geometry of the front door on the e, it's too far of a reach for him to be able to place his hand on the door in the same way as with his van.
has anyone done or heard of any modifications for handicap access?
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