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I am going to install a stock subwoofer into my 07 LX. I don't have an amp around so I need to buy one. I have already replaced my stock head unit with the JVC kd R-600 and it already sounds a lot better running the stock speakers. Because this head unit only has 1 set of pre-amp RCA outs this amp will only be powering the stock sub enclosure that I just got.

Any suggestions on which amp I should get to power the stock sub? I have been looking around and people are very brand loyal when it comes to their amps. I have some here that look like they would work but I am not limited in any way to these.

Kenwood KAC-6202

Pioneer GM-3300T

Rockford Fosgate PRIME R150-2

Or should I just go ultra cheap like these?

Sound Storm SSL F2.200

Boss CX150

I guess what I am asking is in the lower end rage is there any real reason to get the name brand amps over the lower end less recognizable ones? Personal experience is welcomed.

I am also stumped on where to put the amp. Depending on what amp i get there does not seem like a lot of room under the 07 seats. I know of the area above the bins in the back is suggested and i also found a post of two people putting them actually in the seat. HappyCamperinLa I noticed his was a class D. Would that be the only type you would suggest to put in the seat?

Any help would be really appreciated.
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