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I need to find a hitch wiring harness for my 2007 LX. Most of the postings I see are for 03-05 E's.

I saw these 2 on Ebay:


Any comments on either of those? Any suggestions?
It is probably the same one with different packagiing. I am up in canada and wanted the similar one but didn't want to pay for shipping and cistoms. Went into a u-haul and they had it in the computer and they ordered it for me. Came in and it was exactly what was in those pictures with different packaging. On top of it all it was suppose to be 49.95 CND. When he punched it into the computer it came back as 24.95 and that is what he sold it to me as. I didn't complain. Installed it last night and it took 10 minutes even with my 3 year old "helping". Works perfectly.
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