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Why all-season floor mats?

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Trying to convince my wife I need all-season floor mats but she keeps on asking "why floor mats, if the floor is rubber?" - women are smart!

What is a valid reason for the floor mats that I can use on my wife?
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If you don't get them all of the salt and slush in the winter will pool in the front corners where your feet go, and eventually will cause rust. You've got to have them in Canada.
I have found personally that when the floor was wet with out the mats your feet have a tendency to slide around more.
Tell her its the same reason you put on shoes, yeah you can go barefoot but it isn't always recommended
or tell her this car is your hobby, let it go girl, I could be out getting wasted with my friends
i got them because my heel was starting to wear the permanent rubber floor instead of a removable mat.
It is easier to empty the melted slush (and dirt) out of removable mats.
Tell her Oprah has them in her Element. :lol:
Floor mats also improve fuel economy.:D
Why wear out the rubber floor when it would be far less costly to wear out the mats and replace them?

the rubber floor is also very slippery when it gets wet. The mats are easier to remove to clean, can't remove the rubber floor.

Because the floor is plastic, not rubber.
Because they are COOL! :)

I finally ordered some for my E' last night.:cool:
1- Its still the floor of you car/truck no matter what material it is made off.

2-Your floor cant be picked up, dumped out, and hosed down in less than a minute.

3- The floor does not feature a lip to contain messes.

3- You want them.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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