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Ok, so I take my element to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.
I'm down in the French Quarter on Mardi Gras day, enjoying the sights. I return to my E around midnight, only to find someone had smashed in my passenger side window and stolen my cd's, some clothes, and my girlfriends cell phone. Fortunately they left the radio and everything else untouched.

I think I love my E. Because as i'm sitting in it, taking stock of everything that happened, the main thought running through my head isn't about what is missing and getting the window fixed.
The main thought running through my head was "I wonder what they were thinking while they were inside my E stealing my stuff. I bet they were thinking how nice it was and how roomy. I hope they liked it..."

I can hear them in my mind... "Man, this is NICE! I'm gonna have to steal me one of these someday..."

So, after driving 8 hours back to san antonio with no window (that sucked), I got to drive with no window for a whole week, because nobody had element glass in stock. Then, when the repairman finally does show up, I have to help him figure out how to take the door panel off...
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