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Posted on request of Einstein:

Windshield banner tint: PICTURE
Installed 5" of 20% tint across the top of my windshield tonight.


(1) I drive into the sun to work and from work.

(2) Ever since installing window vent visors, the windshield seemed kinda bare.

(3) To protect the Wayfinder V7000 from the sun. It's installed to the right of the sunvisor.

(4) To make the Wayfinder more readable (the ambient light behind the unit makes the face hard to read)


(1) Place white object behind windshield for better visibility of the edge when looking through tint.

(2) Stretch material across windshield, backer side up (untinted part that will be removed to expose the adhesive side)

(3) Tape down in a couple places, then mark the upper and side outline with permanent marker "sharpie". Go a little beyond the "black dot" edge.

(4) Roll back up, bring inside and put on a clean surface.

(5) Measure down 5" from the top line all across the sheet, then connect dots with a ruler.

(6) Cut this final outline, being specifically careful with the bottom edge (will be in plain view when installed)

(7) Throw a couple bath towels over the dashboard.

(8) Install tint per manufacturer's instruction.

Total cost: $9.00 (I already had tint application solution and a plastic squeegie)

Total time: 1 hour, expect 2+ hours if it's your first time tinting.

Here's a couple pictures of the result. Notice how the suction cups and the wayfinder are hidden really well from the outside.

Einstein has attached this image:

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