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Have you had any windshield 'issues' with your E?

Windshield Issues -- getting a count

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Just a quick poll to get a rough idea of how Element windshields are holding up.
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Thanks for the replies so far guy!

I'm kinda surprised by the numbers -- maybe they'll really swing around when more folks vote. :shock:

I really believe that the glass is crap. 3 chips and one crack in first 3 weeks. Dads sopy no chips but the glass looks like it has been sand blasted. Note: Installed the nose mask and have not been hit by a rock since. (however, hood is damaged.)
The E's windshield size/angle doesn't look too different from the Honda Odyssey or the Pilot -- I'm not sure why the E's windshield is doing so poorly. :(
I haven't had any problems yet, but I sure hope responding to this poll doesn't jinx me! :(
I've had my E for almost three months now (and 5500 miles). My VIN is way outside of the range addressed by the TSB for Windshields, so everytime I read a thread about another windshield crack, I was like "thank god I don't have to deal with that". That mantra lasted until Monday when a 7+ inch crack appeared sometime between when I got to work and left for lunch. :(
This makes me wonder if the nose mask even does anything since a lot of people w/ the nose mask have windshield probs too.
Driving down the interstate yesterday, a/c on, CRACK! Rock hits my windshield and stars it pretty good -- right above steering wheel where I see out. DANG, dang, dang!

My E is brand new (1 mo.) and outside of the tsb -- it will be interesting to see what the dealer says. Looks to me from how many posts I've read on cracked / rock chips -- maybe Honda cheaped out on the ws glass. Scratching my head and not happy about it. Been driving 19 years, have never had this happen. Anyone else with a rock chip get covered by Honda?

After about the second week of owning the car (truck?), I was on the highway when I heard a rock hit my windshield on the lower passenger side. It did leave a miniscule chip but so far (knock on easily cleaned, easily scratched plastic) it has not gotten any worse. However, after reading all the posts on this site about windshields, I will certainly keep an eye on it.
No cracks in the windshield after 3.5 months. But insects hitting the windshield make a hell of a noise!!
Has anyone with a crack been outside the VIN range in the TSB notice?

I wonder if they fixed it for the later 2003s (and for 2004)...
Yeah, mine was a couple of thousand past the TSB VIN, and it 'cracked' from an impossible to see flaw. First dealer gave me crap, but second dealer fixed it (Thursday, actually) without any issue (other than waiting 3 weeks for the windshield to come in!).
I heard a large rock hit while driving on the freeway. Went home, looked, didn't see a thing. Since I only drive the E on the wEEkEnds, I covered it with the Wolf car cover and when I "unbagged" it a week later, wham! about a 9-inch crack, lower driver's side.

Upon examination, I saw the chip from the rock. Had to call about four places, since most did not have/have access to an immediate replacement.

Guy came out two days later, I quizzed him based on correct procedures info posted elsewhere on this site (at first he was slightly defensive, then he was cool when he found out I was interested in the process, not trying to "pin him down").

Insurance covered part of it. New windshield is fine so far.
Is your new glass Honda (did the replacement guy get it from a dealer), or is it their brand of glass made to fit an Element?

Just trying to track if other glass does better than Hondas. :)
Just had windshield replaced due to a crack and now new one rattles. Didn't realize there were problems.

[quote:4aa32684e1="aristoBrat"]Just a quick poll to get a rough idea of how Element windshields are holding up.[/quote:4aa32684e1]
[quote:4be6645348="caschl"]Just had windshield replaced due to a crack and now new one rattles. Didn't realize there were problems.[/quote:4be6645348]
Exact same experience here.

My E sorta-kinda had a dashboard rattle (mostly on cooler days), then the windshield cracked <two completely unrelated things>. When the dealer replaced it, the dashboard rattle happens pretty much all of the time now. I don't think that's coincidence. :)

There's been quite a few threads where owners were able to have the dealers fix the rattles, so I'm going to try to track those down, print 'em out, and then drop my E off at my dealer and see what they can do.

When they were having the glass company come out to fix the windshield, I asked them about noisy dashes and they said they've never had any Elements in this area come in with this problem, so ... I'm a little worried about them not taking this too seriously. We'll see!
My Element is about 6 weeks old and after first having a rocking drivers seat problem (that is after repair...STILL ROCKING!!) now my windshiled cracked......I can see a tiny tiny mark of what might have been a rock, but it is so tiny and it is under the wiper on the passenger.....have to go to the dealer and fight AGAIN! This is my first Japanse car and I am beginning to hate it....all the plastic inside scratches very easily and and panels that cover the speakers in the front doors starting to come off.....

I thought Honda made great, solid cars!! To me they are still, like 20 years ago, cheap ripp offsss. I am longing for my BMW and Mercedes..........

The car drives great, but all the trouble....rocking seat for crying out loud!! That is so dinky and now a cracked windshield??? And I am not the only one and my car is outside the VIN that gets free replacement........
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I am starting to hate this car..I want a car that gets my to where I want to go! and that is not the Honda dealer fro rocking driver seats and cracked windshields..have been driving german cars for 20 years and never had these stupid problems..windshield problem is a big one...but come on Honda get it fixed already and than the dinky rocking driverseats??? Most people must think by now that this is a free added option, or are to heavy to notice!

The cars drives and handles very well, but the inside gets scratched up very easily and the speaker panels in the front doors starting to come off

I hope there is a Honda coperate spy reading all these messages, because a major lawsuit is pending...I will get the people and the money together....Honda is taking advantage of ignorance right now.....but that is going to be over make a car a classic and the element has that potentional you have to deliver quality OR great service and haven't experienced both!
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Wife just called stating that a small star crack appeared on her front windshield, passenger side while she was driving our E. She didn't notice anything hitting it and she wasn't following anyone on the highway. I brought this issue up to the dealer prior to purchasing and he waffled. It'll be interesting to see if he steps up to the plate.
I have had my E for 6 months and have had no windshield problems - but, I can't seem to get the glass clean no matter what I use.......Actually, I haven't had any of the problems I read about...... :lol:
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