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Have you had any windshield 'issues' with your E?

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I heard a large rock hit while driving on the freeway. Went home, looked, didn't see a thing. Since I only drive the E on the wEEkEnds, I covered it with the Wolf car cover and when I "unbagged" it a week later, wham! about a 9-inch crack, lower driver's side.

Upon examination, I saw the chip from the rock. Had to call about four places, since most did not have/have access to an immediate replacement.

Guy came out two days later, I quizzed him based on correct procedures info posted elsewhere on this site (at first he was slightly defensive, then he was cool when he found out I was interested in the process, not trying to "pin him down").

Insurance covered part of it. New windshield is fine so far.
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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