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Hi Everyone,

The second day my fiancee and I had our new "E" (9/2/03) we took a small stone missile to our windshield and it caused a terrible pit with a spider-like crack. I was furious and had reservations about making a glass related claim only a couple of months after our red new beetle was vandalized and all it's glass was broken (example pics shown below)

I heard they could fix it locally but that I would only get 70% to 80% visibility back into the affected area. Being that this was only my 2nd day with my new car, I couldn't settle for that, so I purchased a new windshield online from the folks at 89Glass.Com which came out to $375.00 (plus tax). They came out to my apartment and replaced it with Pilkington brand glass. So far so good! I'm loving my new E (Named TANK) and like the character from the Matrix film, from whom I named him after, I can always count on him when I need an "Exit". 8)
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