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Howdy, proud new member of the club. My Element has aprox. 4500 miles now and has had a windshield rattle on the right side of the dash since right after purchased. I made a 2600 mile road trip in june w/500 miles on it. We left Houston, went to Muscle Shoals Alabama and then to Clemson, S.C. and back. No problemo @80 plus mph. Upon return, when in reverse, I also here a bump or clunk as the brakes are applied as I have read from other members. The windshield sounds like it's rubbing the dash. Seems to diminish during the heat of the day as the dash swells up against the windshield. At night w/ the a.c. on the noise is almost ubearable. Overall, I am very happy with my investment in our first new Honda. :shock:
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