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Hi Everyone, I just picked up my brand new 2010 Honda Element EX 4WD in Polished Metal Metallic and I love it. My wife didn’t like it at first (she has a 2005 CR-V), but once I took her for a ride, it quickly grew on her. Well now that it’s in my garage I’m buying all the accessories for it. I picked up the Carpet Floor Mats, Carpet Cargo Mat, Cargo Cover and Tailgate Seatback (all OEM) and I’ve saved over $200 from what the dealer wanted.

The question I have is regarding the windshield sizes. I’m a fan of the Covercraft UVS 100 Heat Shields, but they don’t have one listed for 2010 but they do for 2008. Since the Element hasn’t gone through any major changes, can anyone tell me if the windshield is the same size/dimensions for 2010 as they were in 2008?

Thanks for your help.
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