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Hi all,

First post here. I thought you guys might get a kick out of this. My daughter and I went car shopping. Drove a Xterra, a Vue, couple others. She fell in love with the Vue "can we drive it home today...?" (she loved the temperature in the mirror - she's 10...).

Anyway, I told her we had one more car to look at. The E. You shoulda seen the look on her face, "it's ugly, I don't like it". While we waited for the salesman (who I happened to graduate high school with) I let her play around in the floor model. Took about 15 minutes of climbing around, opening doors, moving seats (and annoying the other salesmen) for her to be won over. "I love this car, can we drive it home tonight?"

Now she waits till someone's looking to get in and out so she can show off. Went to the Phila. Eagles training camp and she proclaimed "we have to coolest car here".

Anyway, thought it was a cool story. Devon and I love our E.

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