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Worst day at the dealer turns into the best!!

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I took the E in yesterday to get the ABS light sorted out. I traced it down to a Left Front Pulser failure. I called and got an estimate of about $410 to replace the wheel bearing (the pulser is part of the bearing). So I got a call today saying they should really run another diagnostic to make sure thats the problem because if they replace the bearing and the code remains I'm SOL.

So I agree to the diagnostic which brings the total up to about $480. Getting a little rich for my blood. Until I got a call around 2pm. They think it's the ABS modulator. Bummer. But they wanted to run some tests to make sure it wasn't something else. I stopped by after work to talk to the tech and the service writer (she's pretty cute, anyway). While I was there I asked the girl to look up and see if I had any kind of warranty. I knew I was out of warranty but was gonna use that as ammo when I write an email to Honda of America about why my ABS modulator went out not long after the warranty ran out.

At first, she couldn't find any info on my car. No warranty or anything. I was bumming out. Then she finally found it. Turns out the warranty runs out at 105k miles. I'm at 95K!!!!! Everything will be completely covered with no deductible!!! I almost did a back flip. I was soooo happy.

As I was leaving I knew my luck couldn't get any better so I thought I'd ask if the struts were covered as well. I told her that it's like there isn't any shock absorption at all. Then she said It should be covered and asked with a wink, "Do the struts make a clunk when you go over bumps?"...followed by another wink. I said "As a matter of fact they do!!!". Well lucky me the warranty covers clunking struts too!!!

Best day at the dealer ever!!! It saved me over $2500 between the ABS and the struts! I love Honda!!!!
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Honda. Bought it when i bought the car new.
some sort of supplemental coverage then? factory is 3yr/36k (37,680mi due to the class action law suit, lol)
I bought the extended warranty and forgot I had it for so long. Damn honda's and their longevity. This is the first big claim i've had in the 6 years i've owned it!
Isn't it nice when things work out in your favor for a change?!

Yeah, the 10-year/100k mile warranty is well worth the $$$. It was something like $1,600 when I bought it in '04.
I think mine was 7yr/100k but definately. It sounds like a lot at first but hey if it pays for an ABS modulator then its well worth it.
Yo, Dummy !!

Take that girl out to dinner !! She earned it !

In all that, did you at least remember to GET HER NUMBER?!
How is it that the warranty lasts until 105K?

The class action suit over the claimed incorrect speedo reading on some Hondas resulted i warranty extentions.
How is it that the warranty lasts until 105K?
maybe has to do with the odometer class action settlement 37,500 instead of the 36,00.

*edit* ?!? How did I miss that reply? I need my eyes checked or something*
...As I was leaving I knew my luck couldn't get any better...
In all that, did you at least remember to GET HER NUMBER?!
Oh yes it could. I just hope you took advantage of it. :lol:
Ha! I don't think the wife would have much appreciated it... although my luck was going pretty good... ;)
you should have asked her out... at least to see if she was interested!
When you pick the car up you should have atleast a soda waiting for her, or a nice chocolate bar..... simple thank you!!
Well she's still in the shop. So far they have replaced the ABS Modulator (yay) and the front struts (yay but unrelated to the ABS light). It's still throwing a 22-1 Pulser failure code on the LF wheel. Which is why I originally took it in. Not to mention I told them exactly what needed to be replaced. So the called and wanted to replace the wheel speed sensor, which I have already done twice. I explained that when the speed sensor was bad I was getting a 14-1 or 15-1 code saying exactly Wheel Speed Sensor Failure. now its a different code that's pointing to a different part. They wanted to replace the sensor again but I'd have to pay for it since it's an aftermarket part (my fault I understand). But I'm pretty sure it's not the sensor. They agreed to replace the wheel bearing with the pulser ring first to see if that will fix it. If it doesn't fix it and is the Sensor then I'm gonna have to pay the $170 to replace the sensor. I think that's pretty fair since they're being so cooperative and trying to get me taken care of with little to no $$$ outta my pocket. Bommarito Honda gets a Thumbs Up from me :)
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Got her back today. Woohooo!! It was the LF wheel bearing all along. Apparently the encoder ring on the bearing got damaged while replacing the wheel speed sensor. Probably by a drill bit since the sensors had to be drilled out. Thankfully the wonderful folks at Bommarito Honda covered everything!!!

All in all the ABS Modulator, Wheel bearing and brake fluid was changed and the ABS light is gone!! Also the front struts were replaced and now she drives like a new car!!! I couldn't believe how smooth it was on the highway again. You just don't realize how worn out the struts get over time.

Gonna take her to Kansas City tomorrow morning and back to St. Louis tomorrow nite so that will be a good test to see if anything else is wrong. Though I did notice that the brake pedal felt a little spongy. I'm wondering if the brake lines were bled when the fluid was changed. It's stopping fine but if it doesn't get better I'm gonna give them a call on monday. But if that's the only hiccup I'm satisfied.
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