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I actually built one of these. It works as advertised but mine kept falling apart where you screw the V-shaped coat hangers get screwed together to those other pieces, behind the washer. I didn't bother with the screen mesh behind but it does help pull in the signal. I was going to build the double version of this but I found the commercial version on Amazon and figured the 80 bucks was worth it just for my time to build it and collect the various parts. The whole thing is much thicker than you assume. I just used a 1X3 but in the video they used a 2X4 turned on it's side. That's roughly 4" deep. The one I bought is close to 4" deep also. If you want to build one for the E this is not the design for you but I have seen others that may.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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