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Wrapin' an E

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My husband want to wrap his 2006 LX with a partial wrap to advertise our business. The folks doing the vinyl say they cannot wrap the plastic panels. After look at all the wrapped Es on line, it can be done. Any advise? He is going to paint the panels. thanks in advance for your help
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there is no reason they cant wrap the plastics if they are smooth and painted like the SC or the newer EX's, but on an 06 LX that has the older style fenders there is actually texture/ripple to the fenders that isnt wrap friendly.
Thanks- He ran to Lowes and has the back, guess I was too slow today. Thanks for the response! He must really want it wrapped.
Right. I've wrapped part of mine for fun and it will stick to painted panels fine, just not the unpainted panels. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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