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Wrinkly Cover

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I spent all last week prepping to paint my valve cover for my '07 SC and finally was able to paint and bake it on Thursday. I used VHT Wrinkle Plus in Red and got excellent results minus a scuff going into the oven.

The hardest part about the whole process was the prep. The first type of paint stripper I used wasn't tough enough in spray form and I switched to the semi-gel version and it finally got all the paint and primer off. Honda really went to town on the original paint for the valve cover. I really like the look of the red offsetting the black engine bay but I plan on this being the only colored part. I'm not big into all that engine bay dress up garbage and would rather have it extremely clean and OEM (although the previous owner removed the i-VTEC logo :confused:). On to the pics:

I bought my E about a month ago and it's been up on jackstands ever since I removed the hideous 20" chrome wheels it came with but that's given me lots of time to do things like this and the valve clearance adjustment. I'll be ordering some wheels and tires on Monday and hopefully will get to start daily driving by next weekend.
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That looks great. Very OEM. Good job.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Maybe you should have painted that PINK????
that valve cover is soooo sexy :D
looks really good.
I took the easier route painting mine.

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