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WrongTank in SF

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Long time lurker, thanks to assisting a buddy and EOC member with his mods, but only now a member of the club. I traded my sweet, sweet 06 MINI Cooper S for a sweeter E once my daughter got to be about three months old and I started getting torsional strain from all that Jenga action getting the car seat in and out of the MINI. Plus, I ride bikes and I love being able to transport them upright in the back of the E. It was always my favorite other vehicle, and now it's mine.

Other than that, I'm an architect, cyclist and comic artist, and I loves me the melon.



Third Rail Design Lab
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Welcome to the cult! Love the CFM. :)
An East Bay welcome Thom...!

Just wanted to be the first to greet you from across the Bay...! Good pics and sorry to hear about having to trade in the Mini...! Loved those lit'l guys... Anyways, I hope the "Orange Melon" provides you many years of service and enjoyment...!

Got a meet coming up... Here's the link:

If you can make it great, if not, no worries... Make sure you join the SF Bay group...

(You can join through your User CP [Control Panel])

We'll look forward to seeing you down the road... Don't forget your stickers, decals, etc, too...!


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A Tachikoma!! Man, if only the E was really a Tachikoma. That would be so awesome! :D

Welcome to the EOC, Wrongrobot! :)
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Oh yeah!!!


Thanks Snuf...!

I was wondering what that robot was called...! It's from "Ghost in the S-h-e-l-l" right...? LOL!!!

Hey Thom, where would one get a decal of that nature...? Did you buy it at a shop or online...?


It's from "Ghost in the Machine" right...? LOL!!!

Close. Ghost in the Shell. ;-)

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Ghost in the Machine is an industrial style band. They did a great cover of "sharp dressed man" look it up.
welcome. what district are you in?

I'm in the sunset, nobhill and cowhollow most the time.
Nice! Shirow fannery!
I have a penchant for robot. Wrong ones.

It's my moniker in my home sites.
So when it came time to name the E, it was, of course, wrongTank.
And when it came time to decal it, I wanted the perfect bot to guard where my baby daughter schemes back there... a tachikoma was the perfect choice. Sure, technically it's a tank AND a powered armor AND an AI, but still.

I'm an illustrator and Shirow was a big influence growing up...

The decal was purchased from an ebay seller. I'll chase down the ID shortly.

Oh, to rymo, I currently live south of the ballpark off the water a few blocks, but we're about to move over the bridge to Mill Valley, shortening my bike commute from an hour to ten minutes, and lessening the periodic need to drive the E, but also lessening the pervasive risk of bumper-car parking crises in SF.
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I miss san francisco! Lived there three years (just a ways from rymo, and worked just a few blocks south of at&t park... its a small world :smile:)

That pic looks like SF Honda-- how'd they treat you? They were extremely un-helpful and I went over the bridge to El cerrito to purchase and had great service from Marin honda for routine stuff.

Great pics, btw, you'll find the E almost as easy to paralel park as the mini. ;-)
Ha, you probably worked very near my loft then. I'm off of 18th/Minn
And I know my way around SB. Not a bad spot, all places in CA considered...

Nah, this is was Honda of Berkeley. I'm reserving complete comment on the experience until the deal is well and truly done, as I'm waiting for a check. Once I get it, I'll elaborate. But I did speak to some of the dealer experience, in the positive, here...

Honda of SF is a dog and I won't go near that place. I base this on the experiences of a buddy of mine, also here on EOC (or was, before he freed himself of petrol vehicles altogether)...

Yeah, we're not thrilled about leaving. I've lived in SF for 12 years and down there by the dry docks for 6. But it's hard to find a kid-friendly space in SF for rent in this market, and I found a place with decks, carport, office, 2BR and right on the Alpine Dam Loop (cycling) in Marin, so it's a good 2nd place finish...
from one architect & element owner to another, welcome from across the US.
right on! I'm surprised more architects I know don't love the E. I guess there as many opinions and tastes as there are people... but I think it's nearly perfect in it's modularity, minimalistic design, and volume. It's a great example of where function is the form and beautiful for it. But when I sold the MINI for this I got those looks like 'oh, the minivan for the kid'
They missed the whole point...
Hey Thom...!

Maybe other architects don't like living "outside the lines"...! LOL!!! Just a thought... Maybe it'll take you and CivicEM205 to change their minds (eventually)...!

You planning on swinging by the meet this Saturday...? Check the NorCal Owners thread...

Hope to see you there...!


PS: Come join the SF Bay social group...!
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thanks for the links!

the form over function crowd is the majority in the design industry these days, i fear.

Then again, i LOVE how the E looks, too, so.
By the way, the ebay seller that made my Tachikoma decal is:

And he has a TON of stuff available.
By the way, the ebay seller that made my Tachikoma decal is:

And he has a TON of stuff available.
Hey buddy...!

Thanks for the link to Mr. Mantis but he must of sold everything off... He currently doesn't have anything for sale but thanks anyways...!

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