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Hi, My name is Marissa. I have been a fan of the element since they first released them. It seems like they are finally in my price range and something that I can afford. If anyone in SOCAL is considering selling their element and didn't want to hassle with getting too little cash from a dealer I am ready to buy yours from you. It must be Cargo Khaki, AWD, EX, have side airbags, and have less than 70K miles on it and be in good shape.

I don't check pm to often on this forum so if you want to contact me the best way is [email protected] I think I also posted this in the Trade forum but I wanted to reach out to the SOCAL owners because its not something that can be easily moved.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Because of the rarity of the cargo khaki I'm now also considering green and blue.
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