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WTB an upper and lower set of OEM seat covers that fit 2007+ and newer seats (ones with integrated seat belt and airbags). They don't have to be new, but I'd definitely like them to clean up nicely and restore my seat to its former glory.

My driver seat fabric is starting to shred/split/tear due to years of use and Tear Aid is no longer doing the trick. I've looked on Honda part sides for replacement seat covers and the prices are just outrageous. I'm trying to get my E to 200k miles and while I think the car will make it, the seat definitely will not!

Associated part numbers:

(Lower) Cover, L. FR. Cushion Trim YR233L (TITANIUM), 81531-SCV-L01ZC
(Upper) Cover Set, L. Trim YR233L (Side Airbag) (TITANIUM), 04815-SCV-L50ZC
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