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I'm looking to trade in my 03 NBP AWD EX for a newer one. I have been extremely happy with my E but it's about time to retire the ole' girl. It has 120k miles on it and the nickles and dimes are starting to emerge I'm afraid.

I have made up a "list of demands" that would be the ideal situation for me, but I'm not sure if it's possible.

-'06-'07 (Preferably '07)
-All Wheel Drive
-Automatic Transmission
-Less than 50k miles
-Less than $15k (Before Tax and Tags)

I bought my 03 in 05 with 23k miles for around $18k so I figure it should be possible to get one with a few more miles for a few thousand less, considering the economy and whatnot.

Let me know if you have any leads on one in the Central to Eastern New York, Vermont, Mass, or Northern PA area.
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