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WTB: Eibach springs

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I would like to lower my 03 awd E on some springs. Wish I had money for the full coilovers but no can do. Would like Eibach or something similar. Let me know what you have and how much. Would be shipping to 84403. New or like new would be preferable. Not 6 year old springs that ride like crap. Thanks everyone for checking this out
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why Eibach?

im guessing by the post with no information on how stiff you want it or how low you want it that your buying it just for the name?

i'd pick these up if i were you

one it helps out a fellow e driver, two its a good price and three well it does what you want.
i have a pair of front springs (eibach) for the 06-and prior elemets, but no rears. i also have a set of SC factory speings but you would also need an 07-up front left strut with them as they have the front left spring wound in the oposite direction as the older elements
I just haven't heard anything negative about the Eibachs. I like the Teins also and will pm him about those springs. Thanks for looking out. To much hassle with the sc stuff. Thanks though.
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