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Here is a Cargo Chaki in Cali:

Hi All,

I've been on the market for a Honda Element for a while now and I need help. Either dealers are asking WAY too much and won't budge, an owner posts an ad on Craigslist and I'm too late or someone bought it before I could, or the Element is just in bad shape and unlike the description.

Here are my requirements:
Side Airbags
2005/2006 (because I like the plastic bumpers)
Less than 80,000 miles

DO NOT want red, black, or the silver/blue plastic combo. Silver/grey is the last option.

Ideally I want the 2005 Cargo Khaki EX 4WD, but that doesn't seem to be available. I live in San Diego, CA and am willing to travel a fair distance if I find what I want. I check,, and everyday. Anyway, I thought I'd post this to see what kind of response I'd get back. Thanks for your time!

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