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So I get in my 2004 Toaster with 42k miles Wednesday morning after the wife borrows it for her long commute day to work only to find out that the stock subwwoofer has mysteriously acquired an obnoxious rattle. I took the cover off and took a look, no visible damage to the driver but whenever I play a CD with low frequencies it rattles loudly. Very irritating, both that it rattles and that it mysteriously happened. I'm assuming I need to replace the driver, I looked on the Majestic Honda website and see that Honda sells the driver, plastic baffle and wiring as a complete unit. I just thought I'd check to see if anyone had a nice OEM used unit they'd like to sell? I'd just as soon buy the complete unit the way Honda sells it if possible. The stock sound was fine to my ears which at the age of 54 and too many Jimmy Buffet concerts are not that great anyway. I listen at a fairly low level anyway, the wife likes to crank it hence this whole thing is not all that mysterious in my mind. It looks like the unit is pretty much plug and play once you bolt it in? Thanks!!
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