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WTB: Passenger mirror, Driver tailight lense, sub grille from 04

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Part collectors and smashed E owners, does anyone have any of the following? I'm looking to purchase right away.

Driver tail lamp lense (mine got smacked by a Corseca mirror)
Passenger door mirror (mine got smacked by a house)
Subwoofer Grille from an 03 or 04 (mine got.... hell, I have no clue what happened to it)
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If you want to sell your one good tail light, I want to sell my set off of a 04. They do have the AVS gray covers on them and the drivers side has some small scratches on it. I believe you can take the AVS covers off of them, but I decided to sell them like that. $100 obo.

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As soon as i can get to a location to look at the photos I will let you know. They block them at the office. If they are in good shape, I will take them.
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