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WTB: side steps mounting hardware anchors

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iam looking for the sidestep mounting hardware for my steps,,i bought them used,,i have all the bolts ,,but the 2 anchors that go towards the back of the car..they look like t-bolts..i believe there are 4 of them,,,if anyone has them please let me know...they are the oem 2004 steps,,,thanks in advanced
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FYI, they're called "Plate Bolts"

I was in the same boat as you and never had any luck.

I instead bought a couple of Eye Bolts, Washers, and Nuts and it worked perfectly. You just need to get the right size that will fit "long ways" and then turn 1/4 turn and they'll stay put after tightening them up.

Like one of these.

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Clever substitution. But is it strong enough?
I've bounced around while standing on them, both after installing them and after several weeks. There is no movement at all. The bolts are as tight as the day I installed them.

Truthfully, I wasn't even sure the plate bolts were necessary as the others looked to be strong enough, but I didn't want to risk it, so I went with the eye-bolts.

$68 is a lot to spend for 2 bolts! but if you're the type who likes everything original, it'll be worth the money. (you need one set for each side. Each set is $34)
the steps are on the car for 6 months already with out the plates,,the other bolts do hold the step on nice and firm,,iam 170 pounds and i stand on them to dry the roof and its been fine,,,,i just worry a little when some friends get in the back there a little bigger,,so its get those plates or lighter will keep looking,,,thanks guys
I have a complete hardware and bracket kit, brand new, $30, shipped.
Let me know,

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