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XM online refresh between 2 XM devices

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I am thinking of getting a portable XM device for camping only, in addition to build in Honda Navi with XM I have right now. Probably will only activate before I get to or at the campground, use my cellphone internet access.

My question is could I simple get a new portable XM player with no activation, & simply goto XM refresh website, refresh my current account with ID of this new portable player instead of ID my Honda Navi, at the begining of camping trip, & refresh back with ID of my Honda Navi, at the end of camping trip?
I know I may have to wait up to 3 hrs to complete refresh.

I don't mind disable my Honda Navi/XM during my camping trip, but like to ensure I could go back & fore between these 2 devices with single account.
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Your subscription is, to my knowledge, not transferable between units. I am sure they would be glad to do it, but I believe you would be charged a fee every time you did it. The second unit usually only costs you half as much as the first and you can just use it in your garage or around the house.
he is right. they will charge you an activation fee for the change over. only acception is if the unit is defective and it is swapped for the same one, but then they flag that SID as defective so you dont want that. just activate it for the few days and call them back and tell them you werent happy with the unit and the way it functioned compared to your factory one. they might even refund your activation fee.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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