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Yakima products

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I have my E ordered and it should arrive mid July. I have ordered the keyless entry and roof rack. I have several Yakima bike racks and Kayak, canoe accessories and noticed that I will not be able to use some of these items on the factory Honda rack. In order to use the others I will have to buy special parts to adapt the Yakima items to the rack. Yakima does not seem to make the attachments to use a Yakima roof rack with the E as of yet. Does anyone have any insight when Yakima might start making the roof rack for the E?
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If your talking about landing pads for the Element attachment points Yakima says late Sept 2003. The same style as the CRV. That is, they will have rubber trim to fill the holes left when you take the covers off. Looks real good and you can remove the bars when you want to. 8)
If i got the thule roof rack......does the company have the small little plastic pieces to cover up the roof rack holes/trim? Also will the roof rack pieces comes off like the Yamika's < sp > ???

The previous thread, the yamika < sp > will come out with the plastic covers in sept/2003 and i just wanted to know if the Thule will do the same.

I would prefer the Thule because most members think their is less wind noise than the yamikas < sp >

Thanks guys for some info :D
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