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I am prepping for a cross country road trip with my girlfriend, as we relocate from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

A roof rack and cargo box were essential if we plan to sleep in the cab. A brand new setup from Yakima, even on the cheap end with round bars, was going to cost me $1296 before tax and shipping. That was just too much to swallow, so I started hunting for bits and pieces.

I started out by finding a Craigslist ad for a rack on a 2008 CR-V - that included 48" round bars (which just barely fit my E), Skyline Control Towers, the roundbar adapters for the towers, cores/locks, and (unfortunately) the wrong landing pads.
I got that for $200 (plus gas and a few tolls), which would have costed me $408 (plus tax and shipping).

I hunted around the Landing Pads (#9), but didn't have any luck, so I bit the bullet on two pairs on Amazon. I decided to buy and install the landing pads before I went and bought the rest of the rack from the Craigslister, which was great. It allowed me to pop on the racks and confirm they fit/worked before I handed over the $200.
BTW - I selected size 9 on Amazon, but it kept showing as size 8 in the cart. Their return policy is so good I figured I would give it a go anyways. Despite it showing size 8 in the cart and on the invoice, a pair of 9s showed up as ordered.
I got these at the retail price of $60/pair ($120 total, plus tax but free Prime shipping).

After driving home with the round bars installed, the noise drove me mad. I had to get a windshield/fairing. I ended up with this older 46" model for $80 including shipping:

This was a dumb idea. I thought it would be worth the small savings to peel off the old stickers and get off all the residue. I thought my girlfriends nail polish remover would work great for the adhesive residue, but it just spread the white paint from the 'Yakima' logo and ate away the top layer of the plastic. It looked so bad, I had to go buy some spray paint and new plastic clips (BTW - the GM fender clips fit great). That cost me another $15. It looks alright now, but it certainly wasn't worth it.
A new 48" windshield would cost just $119....

Next up was cargo box - arguably the most important but. I had seen some ads on Craigslist for different sizes, but most of them were in the 12-18 cu ft range. I wanted the biggest sucker I could find. I thought I had locked down the exact model I wanted, but the lister 'lost his keys' - he had a Yakima SkyBox 21 for $375, which would have saved me around $300 off retail.
As an REI member, I got a catalog for their Memorial Day sale - and, don't you know it, Yakima products were 20% off. I drove out to Long Island and picked up a brand new SkyBox 21 Carbonite (21 cu ft) for $519 (plus tax and gas).

I spend a little longer than I wanted attaching the box to my rack, and in the process realized that windshield was in the way! I took it off completely at first (and cursed myself). I later managed to get it on under the cargo box, but I almost broke it in the process.... It's on, but I am not sure if it is doing anything under there.

All in all, that came out to about $950. It wasn't as much as I was hoping to save, but it was worth the effort in the end.

The only real downside now is that the moon roof is blocked in the back!

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