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Zaino Clear Seal, Who has used it ?

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The Zaino Z-CS seems to be a really good product to protect and maintain a good, high gloss mirror type finish, especially on black paint. The installation instructions appear to be very simple as well, however, all of the work in finishing is accomplished prior to using the Zaino Clear Seal.

Any input from those who have used this product would be appreciated!
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Used it, using it. Love it.

Prior to that I did the Z-2/ZFX regimen from 2001-2008.

The new stuff is just as good and so much easier.


Wow, hiker chick, you are really on top of your game. I was surprised that no one else has responded since the Zaino clear protection coat is a very high rated product.

I guess you first need to do an excellent job with the cleaning and waxing prior to sealing it all with the Zaino sealer.
I guess this is exactly what you have done and I am told it will out last any other product.
I've been using Zaino products for many years. Clear Seal on the Element and Z2, Z5, Z6 and Z8 on my toy


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Awesome ! You obviously know how to best protect and showcase your vehicles !
Zaino CS: Use it love it. Put on coat of Z2 once per year and CS once a quarter.
Is this something you can pick up at an auto shop?
Is this something you can pick up at an auto shop?
No, it is only sold online either direct from Zaino Brothers or one of their dealers.

I've been using their products since 1999... love their stuff! I actually had written a nice How To for their product that many of their dealers actually copied and used on their various websites. lol


Is this something you can pick up at an auto shop?

I think Zaino is only available on line.
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